President Ernest Bai Koroma continues to tread the path of rapid development and modernization in Sierra Leone. A country once dubbed the most backward in the world now boasts of some of the most magnificent infrastructure and road networks in Africa and by the end of the year Sierra Leone is going to join the community of advanced nations with high speed internet.

The socio-economic and political importance  of high speed internet cannot be over-emphasized. High speed internet has the capacity to transform the economy as it will revolutionize business, commerce and industry and the manner time and money are spent by consumers. High speed internet will provide more business opportunities and will boost local and international investments as more resources and opportunities are opened up.

High speed internet will also transform education and health care delivery in Sierra Leone. It will give teaching a tremendous boost ,  make learning more exciting and provide more motivation for students and clientele . Health care delivery to most remote parts of the country would also be facilitated . It is going to usher in one of the greatest achievements of President Ernest Koroma, who is gradually transforming Sierra Leone from a stone age country to a modern nation.

Today was another day of joy and excitement for progress-loving Sierra Leoneans. Many of them who participated in Facebook forums hailed the latest achievement by the All People’s Congress ( APC ) Government . High speed internet will open up the country to tourism as rebranding efforts begin to pay dividend , with journalists capable to market the country through the length and breadth of the world.

Here is how the good news  was announced to the world today :

FREETOWN — Sierra Leone and China have signed a $15 million (12 million euro) loan agreement for the installation of a fibre optic cable which will boost Internet capabilities, national radio reported Tuesday.
 ”The agreement is in preparation for the completion of the fibre optic installation which will be operational by the end of the year,” Development Minister Samura Kamara told local radio.
“It will enable every Sierra Leonean to benefit from the international fibre connection from Paris to the landing site in Freetown through South Africa which will involve Guinea and Liberia.”
Chinese Ambassador Kuang Weilin said “the agreement is keeping to the bilateral and development cooperation” between the two states and will be implemented by Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.
The 17,000-kilometre-long (10,540-mile) submarine cable runs from Cape Town along the west coast of Africa, through Portugal and to France, connecting 21 countries, 18 of which are in Africa.
The cable was laid in Sierra Leone with the assistance of a $31 million load from the World Bank, and is expected to reduce the west African nation’s dependence on expensive satellite bandwidth for internet connections.



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