The opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), who had their feelers up since Day One, know that there is no way they can stop the hugely popular and Man of The People President Ernest Koroma from winning a deserved second term in the forthcoming November Elections. The SLPP’s doom is sealed even before the starter’s gun, and they have no realistic ambition of occupying State House via the ballot box.Talk privately to even their most rabid supporters and exponents of Dutch Courage like my “Njargbay” , Dr. Sama Banya (Who must pay a fine for calling me a foreigner ) and they will confide in you that they are not sure of victory, never mind their public showboating and empty yapping.


The SLPP know they will be rejected once again at the ballot box by the Sierra Leonean people. There is no realistic basis for voting the SLPP back to power after leaving the nation in pitch darkness, economic stagnation and stone-age backwardness in 2007. They ruled Sierra Leone for 11 years and one cannot pinpoint any development project that they initiated or completed in the country. The magnificent infrastructure in Sierra Leone were either constructed by the late President Siaka Stevens, the founder of the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) or President Ernest Koroma.

Fully aware of their limitations and the fact that they have nothing concrete to use to woo the voters, the SLPP are not banking on scoring an electoral victory. Any sensible politician can notice this from their elections strategy. The SLPP’s hope is built on fortutously flourishing from any chaos they plan to launch in Sierra Leone in November before or after they would have been defeated by the APC . This explains the reason that they are fighting doggedly but unsuccessfully to court the goodwill of the international community. They are hoping big-time that there would be chaos in Sierra Leone that would besmear the ability of the APC to govern, which would lead to the international community helping them to effect regime change.

Frankly speaking, SLPP Presidential candidate Maada Bio’s so-called NEW DIRECTION is the most fraudulent, bankrupt ,thread-bare and deceitful campaign blueprint ever introduced in Sierra Leone by a presidential candidate. It is a plagiarised document that gratitiously stole its ideas from President Koroma’s AGENDA FOR CHANGE, which is gradually transforming Sierra Leone from a stone age to a modern country. Those who helped Bio put together his ridiculous  NEW DIRECTION should refund to the beggarly presidential candidate whatever they siphoned from him to craft this plagiarized campaign document.

It was President Koroma’s Agenda For Change that first identified human resource development,education, youth development and free health care as the basis for sustainable national development in Sierra Leone. Propounding on his AGENDA FOR CHANGE to the UN Peacebuilding Commission in 2010  , President Koroma reiterated that the program provides  ”for the people of Sierra Leone the basic services which many countries take for granted but which our people continue to be deprived of–available, accessible and affordable food, electricity, water, health care and jobs for our bulging youth population. ” That is the basis of the AGENDA FOR CHANGE. It was these lofty ideas of President Koroma that the SLPP Maada Bio stole to provide a bogus campaign document he calls NEW DIRECTION. There is nothing new in the New Direction. All Bio’s stolen ideas have already started being implented in Sierra Leone by the legitimate originator , President Koroma.

Secondly, in politics, an aspiring politician’s blueprint is judged from the yardstick  of the credibility of the politician  himself .  A man’s political manifesto can never be above his true character and credibility. The political blueprint is subject to the originator. That being the case, how does Mr.Bio hope that his self-styled New Direction will be taken seriously when he himself needs  newness  to begin with ?  As foreign newspapers like the NIGERIAN TRIBUNE  are now helping us stress to Bio, the SLPP Presidential candidate is a very hard sell because he is marred and spoilt goods and  needs to launder his  own tarnished and rotten image first before he talks about renewing other people. Maada Bio is an extrajudicial killer whose hands reek of the blood of 29 of his fellow countrymen and woman whom he murdered while serving as junta member in Sierra Leone. Maada Bio is also a grossly dishonest and corrupt individual who engaged in racketeering in the nation’s passports and helicopter parts. What newness can he therefore impart in his country ?

SLPP strategists and supporters are aware of the dichotomy between Maada Bio’s character and his political manifesto. They know that he will not be successful in selling his foolish and plagiarized NEW DIRECTION to the people. It is for this reason that the SLPP plan to unleash violence in Sierra Leone during the November elections in a forlorn hope to instigate international intervention that they foolishly think will lead to regime change.

Everything that the SLPP call campaign strategy is steeped in violence–Violent verbal attacks in newspapers and online forums on anybody who disagrees with them; threats and intimidation on perceived APC supporters ;violent lies about government functionaries and violent unnecessary complaints and protests about  virtually everything which has earned them the nickname of CRYBABIES ; incitement of vulnerable members of society like students, youths and mine workers. SLPP Chairman John Benjamin once told an SLPPNA Teleconference that the party has no Plan B and must endeavour to win the elections by whatever means are available.

Sierra Leoneans are therefore gratified by the assurances given by the Government Co-Spokesman and Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Mr.Sheka Tarawalli , in New Jersey on Tuesday about Government’s plan to execute water-tight security in Sierra Leone during the elections. According to Minister Tarawalli, the APC Government plans to invoke Military Assistance to Civilian Power (MACP ) by deploying 1, 500 personnel of the Sierra Leone Military Forces to help the Police maintain law and order during the elections. The November polls will be   free , fair and credible and the government hopes to facilitate this by ensuring that security is tight in all polling stations and around the country.

The SLPP’s plan to introduce violence must not be allowed to succeed.

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