By John Ernest Leigh : 

The people of Sierra Leone are eating and living better today than yesterday! This simply fact is contrary to false propaganda manufactured by the kiddie, ignorant opposition under the leadership of a notorious kleptomaniac juntaman – a wicked fellow, notorious for mass torture-executions, the systematic stealing public funds and the Channel Island banking of those stolen funds, gross human rights abuses and of extra-ordinary lies about his true public service record in the current election campaign.

Now what or where is the objective proof that “tiday betteh pass yesterday” in national living standards in the areas food consumption and gains in disposable incomes? The proof is everywhere. Just look inside our country at people’s ‘fresh bodies’, their fancy clothes and fancy clothes and shoes as well as their elaborate, exciting hairdos all over the place – not to mention the hopeful looks in people’s faces, a noticeable change from yesterday! No proof could be more objective in recognizing improvements in our daily living conditions than the physical embodiment of more and better quality food consumption in a healthier and nicer-looking population – and visible for all to see and appreciate.

Here now are some numbers. Rice production has gone up 250% since the Kabbah-Berewa ouster – less than 5 years ago. Today, local rice production is at the 70% national requirements’ level. The provision and delivery of medical services
have reduced unnecessary baby deaths, among other health improvements, by a whopping 61%, according to the WHO. This big gain is thus increasing the population that results in increased demand for the necessities of life – food, clothing and shelter.

The Sierra Leone investment climate has improved so much so that the wage-earning population is increasing rapidly in zones where economic activity was non-existent. The increases in the wage-earning population brought about by the increases in foreign investments translate into increased demand for food, etc. from previous food growers who are today mine workers.

The continued migration from rural areas to the few urban areas means previous food producers are now food-consuming, baby-making migrants in towns and cities. Those who complain about less food today than yesterday ought to come out and publicly and tell us what efforts they are making on their own to feed themselves. Just sitting around and making more and more babies endlessly is the easy, enjoyment part. Feeding, caring and nurturing the expanding population are now the issue, not merely complaining.

In my experience, the opposition elite is not known for giving credit where credit is due or rewarding productive people. In fact, they tend to punish doers of good deeds! But if they are ever again going to be awarded an opportunity to govern our country, they need to learn and adopt good policies and eschew lying tricks, backward policies and self-defeating backward practices.

Until then, the New Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Party, Nation Building APC under the nimble, peaceful, patient, even-handed, transforming good governance leadership of President Koroma will continue to be years ahead of the lazy, cry baby, munku-laden, rogue-infested and lying tricks-saturated SLPP elite in conceiving and implementing innovations for a better today and a much tomorrow of our struggling people. Critics of EBK must also understand that Rome was not built in a day. It takes time and effort and skill to do good.

Bio has no patience or skills except to kill, steal, lie, torment our people with evil and wreck the nation.

All in all, ”tiday betteh pass yesterday” by a huge margin under EBK’s New Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Party, Nation Building APC! And tomorrow will even be much better or “More Better” than tiday – under EBK’s same New Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Party, Nation Building APC!

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