The newly launched Sierra Leonean newspaper, Freetown Confidential, has accused the opposition SLPP candidate of being a thief. The newspaper was uncompromising when it  reported that during the NPRC rule, now opposition candidate, Julius Maada Bio siphoned state funds and looted the treasury. The paper, in a scathing attack on Bio, revealed that the former Junta leader also sold the country’s passports to international criminal business gangs in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars. These allegations are indeed serious and not new, and have also been reported by other reputable news medium, and might ultimately define the outcome of the coming elections in November.

The newspaper described the hierarchy of the SLPP as a bunch of criminals whose intentions are clear: they want another opportunity to steal state funds and wreck the country’s economy. This the newspaper said, if allowed, will ruin the economic chances the country now has after attracting an unprecedented amount of top class investors. Freetown Confidential revealed even new information that Julius Maada Bio may have committed serious offences when he was in the U.S. and is calling on U.S. federal authorities to launch an investigation on speculation that the former Junta Leader engaged in money laundering exercises, channelling funds across the pacific, while living in the country. In fact, it is reported that during his Asylum request hearing before an immigration judge in Maryland, an Italian businessman appeared before the panel to accuse Mr. Bio of conning him in their business transactions and pleading with the Immigration not to grant him an asylum. It is also reported that Bio perpetuated acts of brutality on his wife and bit the ear of her lover during a scuffle in Maryland. There is no doubt that , given such horrendous records, Mr. Bio lacks the moral stature to be President of any country.

The people of Sierra Leone are alarmed that the  opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) chose a human rights abuser, swindler and rogue for their Presidential candidate. Freetown Confidential is calling on the international community to do whatever it takes to bring Mr. Bio to justice.

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