• By Gunther A.B. Daramy :

    Honesty they say is the best policy. However, in Sierra Leone, people are of the notion that politic is a game of deceit, untruthfulness , self-enrichment.and many other negative practices as since time immemorial the masses have not benefitted much from Government and its programmes.

    The intervention of the President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma in 2007 brought solace to ameliorating the declining situation of the ordinary man.

    The APC manifesto of 2007 the ‘Attitudinal and Behavioral Change’ which was widely accepted by all was seen as timely , that caters for all, that ascended Koroma APC to the mantle of leadership of the country after the presidential election run-off in September 2007.

    Furthermore, manifestation of honesty was displayed by President Koroma, when he translated the election manifesto (The Agenda of Change) to government policy that is witnessing massive improvement in priority areas, ranging from the energy and water, agricultural sector, infrastructures, the health sector and the like.

    Freetown and most headquarter towns in the country is enjoying if not 24 hours electricity, but a reasonable amount of supply which is accepted by thousands for a simple fact that our capital city Freetown and other areas are not only improving but making progress in other areas including sports ,and other areas.

    The infrastructural development that this government has embarked on has never been rolled by any other government in the history of the country as there is construction and reconstruction in every nook and corner of the country.

    Are you aware the our President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma is the Champion Head of State of Agriculture in West African, and our dynamic minister of Agriculture is the Champion Minister of Agriculture in West Africa? They have commanded much recognition in the areas of Agriculture for the level of interest the government putting to addressing food sufficiency of the country by the considerable budget allocation of 10% in the agricultural sector, the establishment of the Small Holders Commercialization Programmme, the large influx of tractors, the establishment of the Agricultural Business Centers across the country. This has not only improved the agricultural sector but has encouraged more interest in agriculture. The agricultural business has yield positive dividends as many communities, schools, villages benefitted from agriculture through the building of schools, heath facilities, and many others.



    The establishment of the Youths and Sport ministry created the enabling environment for the running of sport in the country under the dynamic leadership of the sport oriented Hon. Paul Kamara.

    Diamond Stars Football Club won the recent Sierra Leone Premier Football league, the fist time in the history of the country, that a clear manifestation that the game of football has been decentralized and that under the Agenda for Change all and the sundry have equal opportunities to survive irrespective of your skill, job or believe in amassing your living.

    Each and every patriotic compatriot of my country (Sierra Leone) will want the country to move forward…. Enjoy absolute peace and stability, and socio-economic and political development.

    As the country is awaiting the November 17 multiplier elections this year, there is a justification for all and the sundry to join the All Peoples Congress Party Chairman/Leader and 2012 presidential candidate, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma as a way of showing appreciating for the level of development that has been going on and or being rolling across the country in the area of priority as encapsulated in the Agenda for Change Programmme.

    It could be recalled that at the end of 2007, our beloved country (Sierra Leone) was rated last in every index, our capital city Freetown, the darkest city in the world, the highest rate of maternal and mortality death rate, the most corrupt country in the whole world as evident when top Government officials were banned from travelling to European countries due to the level of corruption that was eaten into the fabric of the country, making the country degenerated from the Anthems of West Africa to the Launching stock of the world.

    Thankfully, Hon. Ernest Bai Koroma won the September 2007 run-off after pitch-tented with the third force opposition Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (P.M.D.C) headed by veteran politician, Charles Francis Margai.

    Like any other well meaning compatriots, President Koroma maintained the friendship of the P.M.D.C on the common goal of developing the country so he is doing for other opposition parties in the country. There is every need for a robust opposition to serve as watch dogs so that no arms of government will be to powerful in order for the country to move forward.


    It is with the All Peoples Congress under the leadership of their Chairman/Leader and 2012 Presidential candidate with whom credibility is assured, as his fine leadership aptitude has been the one that has been admired by all including world leaders like Barrack Obama of United State of America, David Cameroon, Prime Minister of Britain, China, Canada, Asia, allover the world for the simple fact that he is loved by his people, especially the grassroots’ population.

    The continuity of development hangs in the hands of credible leader who seeks the interest of the common man.

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