You only need to listen to a person speaking to know what he is wishing for in his heart . We have said it over and over and we want to repeat that warning here. The opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP )  are determined to bring chaos to Sierra Leone during the forthcoming elections in November.


This is one election that the SLPP  will not be ready to concede easily to the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC), though it is clear and cloud that President Ernest Bai Koroma will win a resounding victory, come November. The SLPP have not presented any candidate that is an alternative to the transformational, development-oriened and nationally and internationally popular President Koroma. Maada Bio, the SLPP Presidential candidate , is a violent thug who helped to kill 29 innocent people extrajudicially when he served the NPRC Junta in 1992. He is the only presidential candidate ever who cannot come to the U.S. because of his terrible human rights record. He was even given voluntary deportation from the U.S.  for brutalizing his wife and chewing off the ear of her lover. Such a man cannot hold  a candle to the clean , democratic and human rights-respecter  President Koroma, let alone be a match to him in the forthcoming elections.

The SLPP  know that they will not win the elections. That is why all they are engaged in presently is inciting and formenting trouble in the country. When they are not besmearing top APC  officials and people perceived to be supporting the APC, they are busy making subversive statements or engaging in activities  that are likely to undermine peace and stability.

One SLPP  zealot who does not disguise his wish for chaos to befall Sierra Leone is the  failed politician called Sama Banya–a political opportunist who has savoured the good life from both ends of the spectrum ( APC and SLPP ) and as a result is collectively responsible for the ills of past governments he likes to demonize. If President Siaka Stevens was just a bad leader , why did Sama Banya serve his APC Government in senior ministerial positions ? If he had moral conscience, why did he not resign when he thought that the late President had departed the road of good and legitimate governance ?  People are tired of this unprincipled old man bad-mouthing a government and President he served faithfully.

Sama Banya has been active in the media inciting disaffection here and there for the hard-working and progressive President Ernest Bai Koroma. We can pinpoint many articles he had written whose sole purpose is create chaos in Sierra Leone.No wonder he too is banned from visiting the U.S. He was recently also denied a visa to enter America. Some people do not know it but the U.S. is the moral conscience of the world. If the U.S.  cannot allow any public official to enter their country, such an official could be rotten to the core morally or an anarchist to boot. Sama Banya and Maada Bio are presently barred from entering the U.S. and any right-thinking Sierra Leonean can deduce from this that they are not fit to govern even a village. It is this same senile  Sama Banya who keeps calling our publisher –A born and bred Loko man from Gbendembu Gowahun Chiefdom , with brothers and sisters all over the country –a Liberian and a  foreigner.  What makes the Rev. Leeroy Wilfred Kabs Kanu a Liberian and a foreigner in his own fatherland ? What a shame when shameless men pervert the truth.  It is just as well that the Reverend had ignored these foolish assertions.

We want our readers to examine this  latest article (    ) by the mischievous old man with the mischievous grin to see what he is wishing for our beloved country. The wish, we say, is father to the thought. At times some of the things we think about represent what we wish in our hearts. The article is not only biased against President Koroma and the APC Government. It is falsely predicting an oncoming conflagration  when even the UN, Peacebuilding Commission, EU , DFID and other international stakeholders are commending President Koroma for steps he has taken to ensure  free, fair and peaceful elections in November.

The article tells every conceivable lie about the APC while glorifying the SLPP deceitfully . Who in Sierra Leone does not know, for instance, that the rebel Revolutionary United Front ( RUF ) which brought an 11 year war in Sierra Leone,  was a brainchild of the SLPP ?  Who in Sierra Leone does not know that the SLPP  were responsible for polarizing the country and they not only introduced the army to partisan politics but staged the first military coup in Sierra Leone in 1967 ? Who does not know that the SLPP  are behind almost every military coup staged or attempted in Sierra Leone ?

Sama Banya and his colleagues can continue planning chaos in Sierra Leone.One thing they need to know, though , is that the international community and the International Criminal Court ( ICC )  are watching. Anybody who incites  or masterminds or launches chaos  in Sierra Leone in November will be guest of the ICC  at the Hague. We want  peaceful, free and fair elections in November and by the grace of God, we will have what we are praying for because God wants peace in Sierra Leone.


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