The call by the Spokesperson of the National Democratic Alliance , Mr. Chernor Bah , for all registered political parties to go on a nation-wide mass demonstration , as reported by the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP )  tabloid , Global Times, is an outright threat to  the national security of our sovereign nation and Bah could find himself in chains heading for Pademba Road Prisons  for trying to incite  chaos and bedlam, if the authorities really decided to kiss political tolerance goodbye and enforce the law, especially the Public Order Act of 1965. His prescription for handling the issue of the recent increase by the National Elections Commission ( NEC )  in the fees for contestants borders on incitement to anarchy.




If Bah is not conversant with the Public Order Act (1965) , he should  try to educate himself before he stirs  up bedlam in the country and gets himself into trouble. Overzealous political activism that seeks to incite confusion in a country still recovering from war is very unpatriotic  .  Bah ‘s call for a nation-wide demonstration at this time when the country is on edge over the forthcoming Presidential, Legislative and Local Council Elections is reckless and irresponsible and one wonders how a citizen of a country that just came from war would make such a call . No serious  politician who loves his country would make such a call at this time, knowing fully well that such political demonstrations have the tendency to spin out of control. There are vagabonds, dissident elements and confusionists who benefit from chaos in the society and who will be ready to jump at the opportunity of such a massive demonstration. The intent of the demonstration might be innocent but there are troublemakers looking for opportunities to take advantage of public turmoil to go on a spree of looting, raping and killing.

We call on Bah to guard his passions and desist from provoking mass protests at this time. We need peace in Sierra Leone and any serious politician does not need to be told the dire necessity of this aspect of life at this critical period in our nation’s history.

The NDA  has been making reckless, unguarded and irresponsible calls lately that appeal to the base instincts of unruly man and this is most unbecoming of the party. It is the duty of all  patriotic citizens, all political parties and all politicians to ensure that the forthcoming elections are free, credible and peaceful. We do not want any more confusion in our country. We are tired of chaos. We want to concentrate now on rebuilding our country socio-economically and politically.  We call on all politicians to choose dialogue and peaceful negotiations over brawn.

We hope Mr. Bah would stop inciting people and preach peace and dialogue.



NDA Calls For Mass Demo

Culled from the Global Times of August 5, 2012

The Spokesperson of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) party, Chernor Bah has called on all registered political parties to kick against the killer nomination fees prescribed by the country’s electoral body with a public show of a nation-wide mass demonstration.

Speaking in a telephone interview from Nairobi yesterday, Mr. Bah enjoined political parties to ignore votes in the face of a threat on our nascent democracy. “We must prevent Ernest Koroma and Christiana Thorpe from undermining the democratic values of our country”, he said.

While describing the more than one thousand percent increase in nomination fees as a form of rigging, the NDA Spokesman said the hiked itself indicates that opposition political parties are not only contesting against the APC of Ernest Bai Koroma but also against NEC for which he urged well-meaning citizens to resist. He said: “Christiana Thorpe’s decision typifies how the APC has eroded the independence of our democratic institutions; the entire issue itself puts into question the credibility of NEC and its ability to conduct free and fair elections”

Mr. Bah also accused the ruling APC and NEC of attempting to transform the country into a de facto one party state and an aristocracy, where only politicians with stolen resources will hold the rest of the country hostage.

“So under the current circumstance, the entire mass of the country must be organized to demonstrate against APC-NEC attempt to undermine the values of our multi-party constitution and the true spirit of democracy”, the NDA Spokesman concluded.

Last week eight of the ten registered political parties signed a communiqué condemning the hike in nomination fees and called on NEC and government to revert to the old fees.

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