At the May 5, 2012 biannual meeting followed by the auspicious awards banquet, NOSLINA board members elected as their new chairman Mr. Minkailu (Minks) Jalloh from upstate New York.  Mr. Jalloh had previously served as the Vice-Chair and Education Committee Chair, for NOSLINA.  He orchestrated the town hall meeting on education the morning before the awards banquet, in Laurel Maryland.  Proceedings of the meeting will be posted on the NOSLINA website, and shared with key officials and interested parties who are committed to improving the state of education for our mother country, Sierra Leone.  As Board Chairman, Mr. Jalloh will be working closely with NOSLINA’s Executive Director, Ms. Suna Nallo from Baltimore, MD.

Mr. Jalloh holds graduate degrees in Analytical/Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering and Nanoscale Engineering.  He is a process Engineer at IBM, where he has worked since 1989.  His success at IBM is noted by the patents held in his name, and disclosure agreements for product development that bear his name.  While his advanced degrees were secured in the United States, Mr. Jalloh remains committed to the school of his first degree, our own Fourah Bay College.  It was at FBC that he met his wife of the past 33 years, Mary Grenz Jalloh, who attended FBC as a visiting American student.  They have four children, ages 20, 25, 27 and 29.

At the same meeting, NOSLINA’s board elected Dr. John Davis Cole as Vice Chairman.  Dr. Davis Cole brings to NOSLINA expertise in public health, and continues to chair the health committee for NOSLINA.  In years past, under Dr. Davis Cole’s leadership, the health committee supported several health projects in Sierra Leone, and offered expert testimony for an international health forum in Freetown.  He will continue to focus on health needs in his role with NOSLINA.

Mr. Jalloh and Dr. Davis Cole are inviting all Sierra Leoneans who want to make a difference and contribute their expertise to helping their home country, and all friends of Sierra Leone, to join NOSLINA today.  NOSLINA is a non-partisan group committed to working with all people who want to make a difference.  If politics is your game, you will need to find another organization!  NOSLINA is about working together for the development of our country, sweet Salone.

For more information, contact our renowned Executive Director, Ms. Suna Nallo, at (INSERT) or Mr. Jalloh at 845 797 1166.  Visit NOSLINA’s Webpage and Facebook page.









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