During the past few weeks, there is no Sierra Leoneans who has not been updated with the fact that the Vice-President, Hon.Sam Sumana , is easy game for the smear campaign, lies and vicious propaganda of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP). The V-P  is a very lucrative target because he holds the key to one of the most important battlegrunds of the 2012 Presidential Elections –KONO DISTRICT. If the APC  clinches victory in the diamondiferous district and hold on to their strongholds in the Western Area and the Northern Region, nothing the SLPP  does will give them victory. Their South/Eastern strongholds of Bo, Pujehun, Moyamba, Bonthe and Kenema and Kailahun are not enough to give them victory.The SLPP  strategists know that fully and thus will do everything to try to destroy Sam Sumana with lies so that he will be dropped ,which would then swing Kono District to the SLPP.


Secondly, the SLPP  have realized that they have nothing to offer the Sierra Leonean people. They have no achievement whatsoever to display as campagn material to woo voters. The SLPP  spent 11 years in power but have no achievement to showcase .On the contrary, in just 5 years of governance, President Ernest Koroma and the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ) Government have so many achievements to display to the Sierra Leonean people  that if these achievements will determine the results of the elections , the SLPP  will not even have 20% of the total votes. Knowing this fully, the SLPP  strategists who are being led by the nose by their operatives in the U.S. have decided on this strategy—Fill the internet newspaper ,New People and the SLPP Forums with lies, slander, dirty propaganda and smear reports about President Ernest Koroma and  key APC ministers and the Vice-President. The aim of this second tier of the smear and propaganda campaign is to keep the APC  busy refuting the lies and propaganda so that there will be no time to showcase the achievements of President Koroma and the APC.

Given these facts about the SLPP campaign agenda, the APC  should not respond to the SLPP  propaganda. The APC  should rather go all out to seek means to reach prospective voters with the dazzling socio-economic and political achievements of President Ernest Koroma. The voters are not stupid .They know the difference between superior and inferior products. They know that the SLPP Presidential candidate , Mr. Maada Bio, is no match for President Ernest Koroma. The SLPP is also aware of this and   will therefore do everything in their power to  stop the APC  from reaching voters  with President Koroma’s achievements. They will tell a lie and repeat it over and over so that it starts looking like truth. Even those who have not studied Mass Communications know that it is a propaganda strategy .The more the APC  refutes them, the more issues the SLPP  bring and soon the APC Campaign will be crippled .This must not be allowed to happen.

We have exposed the SLPP  strategy and warned that as the elections draw nearer, the SLPP is going to wax worse in their smear campaign. Knowing that people in Sierra Leone have no access to the channels of verification in the U.S. and fully aware that busy APC  supporters in the U.S. do not have the time to go verifying every lie the SLPP  tells, devillish SLPP  operatives in the U.S.  will fill the internet with fake documentary evidence against Sam Sumana and other APC officials. No senator has the time to interfere in Sierra Leone’s politics by writing Ambassador Bockarie Stevens to complain about the VP. Our investigations reveal that what the SLPP  has done is that they are using one of their supporters working in the office of Donald Payne to get letter heads of the U.S Senate . The SLPP  strategists themselves pen these letters and fake the signatures of the senators on them.  After the failed Sorious Smura Timber case smear campaign, SLPP  operatives whose names we will expose later penned the letter alleged to have come from the U.S. Senate with the help of their criminally-minded colleague working in the office of Donald Payne. The authors of these letters are people who have lived in America for donkey years and are tired and want to return home . Their only card now is Maada Bio, who they believe will appoint them to ministerial positions if he wins. The APC  needs to be aware of all of these facts. Sierra Leoneans should not believe anything the New People writes because they are famous for spreading lies and altering and faking documents .

The V-P has cleared his name and it is finished . All the “draw-draw” are orchestrated by the mindless Bio zealots in America. They have resurfaced with more lies but “SNOB” should be the response.Unless they are snobbed , they will keep orchestrating lies.

If SLPP  propagandists want to talk about scandals, why not talk about the lies Maada Bio told that he was coming to the U.S. only for the U.S. to deny him a visa ? Why not talk about the criminal racketeering in Sierra Leone passports and helicopter parts by Maada Bio ? Why not talk about Maada Bio’s bloody past and his wicked role in the extrajudicial killings of 29 innocent people ? Why not talk about Bio’s expulsion from the U.S.  for brutalizing his wife and biting off the ears of her lover caught in bed with her ? Why not talk about the scores of vulture accounts Maada Bio owns all over the world from his swindling of our country when he was a junta leader ?  Why not talk about John Benjamin’s criminal empire built from the sweat of the Sierra Leonean people ?


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