In our editorial on yesterday’s violent attack on the nation’s Defence Minister , Major (Rtd) Alfred Palor Conteh , by ex-combatants of the Sierra Leone Armed Forces , we said that the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) “…gloated about it and as usual  blew it out of proportion and tried to make political capital out of it..” We bring you some of the banner headlines that appeared in the SLPP  newspapers this morning . The coverage by the UNITY  newspaper  demonstrated  how much the so-called Grand, Old Party is not living up to the high standards of nationalism expected of a responsible opposition newspaper.

When the Defence Minister of a whole nation is set upon and physically  attacked by former combatants of the nation’s army, it is not only the Defence Minister that was attacked. It was the nation . The Defence Minister is a symbol of national authority. If former soldiers have the guts to attack him, they can attack everyone of us . Yesterday’s events showed that nobody is safe from the hands of lawless elements in our society who are now giving a new meaning to the word IMPUNITY. Instead of being concerned about the dangers posed to everybody’s life by unruly people in society, the SLPP  is enjoying the drama and making political capital out of them. This is a clear indication that the SLPP  does not care for the country and for the safety of our citizens. All they care for is their political party .

With news coming in that yesterday’s dangerous occurence was orchestrated by the very SLPP, the direction politics in Sierra Leone is heading is becoming very alarming. It is like the ruling All People’s Party ( APC ) is operating in a minefield. Booby traps and hidden mines litter the whole landscape in the SLPP’s blind determination to seize power by hook or by crook. Those who feel that it is an APC thing and they must not be bothered about it better heed once more the lesson of the Liberian fable, RAT TRAP IS NOT FOR RAT ALONE. The NPFL rebels set out to get the late President Samuel K. Doe and at the outset many Liberians supported them and gloated about the Charles Taylor -led  NPFL invasion of their country. They felt that the deluge will  affect the President and his National Democratic Party of Liberia (NDPL ) Government only. It took only a few months for Liberians to realize that they were wrong and that when desperate, bloody and unpatriotic men want power, nobody else is safe. Soon, everybody  in Liberia started running away from the country as the rebels opened a free-for-all killing spree and blighted the whole national landscape with blood, the blood of their own innocent countrymen and women. When it all ended nearly 10 years later, over half a million Liberians had been slaughtered , one-third of the population were in refugee camps and  the whole country was in ruins. The sad saga was to be replicated in Sierra Leone.

The SLPP  is making Sierra Leone unsafe for everybody. Many Sierra Leoneans who think we are only trying to engage in propaganda will be surprised to know some of the diabolical and subterranean moves the former military dictator, Maada Bio , who is presidential candidate for the SLPP , is taking in his blind determination to seize power in Sierra Leone.

First of all , Maada Bio has shelled out thousands of dollars and bought a lot of our newspapers editors and journalists . Do not be fooled by the act of chest-beating and protestations of neutrality by these journalists. They are in Maada Bio’s pockets. Those who think that Mr. Bio ,  through wild living and womanizing, blew up all  the loot he swindled from the nation,   are mistaken. The killer and thief still has some of the loot left. He has bribed many of Sierra Leone’s leading journalists and those working for the BBC and international news organizations.  This is responsible for the relentless attacks on the APC Government .Oh norshineh . Maumaungor. E sorry.

Some people would think from reading some of the newspapers that the Ernest Koroma Government is doing nothing for the people but this is not so. President Koroma is the best leader Sierra Leone has ever had. No President can match the remarkable socio-economic and political achievements of Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma. But Bio and his sidekicks John Benjamin, the other troublemaker in the nation and Sama Banya , who pretends to be  in economic doldrums and is seen chasing podapodas in the city , but is filthy rich from money he stole from the national coffers , have paid key Sierra Leone journalists to ambush the President and his government with lies and vile propaganda. These lies and propaganda will snowball into well-orchestrated smear campaigns as the elections draw nearer.

Now, Bio is exploiting the innocence of Sierra Leonean youth in Ataya bases and around their various bases in the city and the country. Not only is he feeding them lies and false promises, he is introducing the vulnerable ones to drugs like Diamba and cocaine. One could see how Mr. Bio turned the SLPP Headquarters to a den of opium-smoking youths.



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2 Responses to “How the SLPP media covered the attack on Defence Minister Palor Conteh”

  1. The most important question I’d like to ask is, IS SIERRA LEONE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT BLIND OR WEAK? Every part of all laws in any country is designed as proactive measures to minimize or deter crimes of any nature and to stabilize peace, and to improve the economy for all by abiding to those laws. But when one chooses to take the law into their own hands is a result of lawlessness. I expect all military personnel to be well disciplined and groomed to the tone of these norms and to legally approach their senior officers through chain of command for any impropreities within the military for rectification. Mr. Conteh who is now a civilian and serving the government in the most prestigious position shouldn’t be attacked physically for whatever the problem is. But to approach him peacefully by meeting him legally for whatever the problem might be. Anger will not solve any problem. Anger is what I see those guys and the so called SLPP fanatics are about. This is a strong message from Bio’s clan before the general election. Whatever happened to the local law enforcers and will there be any arrest of those thugs who attacked the Defense Minister physically? This act is a serious felony which calls for stiff punishment. Are we still on guard for Mr. Bio’s plan B? What’s next?

  2. Tell it all Kabbs Kanu. These people want power so bad and want to introduce their economic mismanagement and corrption. They are tired of seeing the rapid progress of our country.