By Abdul Bero Kamara :

The SLPP presidential candidate, Julius Maada Bio is planning to boycott the forthcoming presidential election. And this has ruffled the feathers of political pundits that he is counting on a possible formation of a unity government between APC, SLPP [his party] and the other parties.

Development indicators show that President Koroma has worked assiduously for his people consequently he is sure to win with a landslide victory in November 17, without a run off.
Yet Mr. Bio is planning some dubious activities that he intends to execute on Elections Day.
According to an inside source, Mr. Bio has accepted the fact that President Koroma will defeat him on Nov 17th. So he plans to activate what has been lined-up in their stratagem dubbed within their inner caucus as Plan-b.
According to an inside source, plan-b is to create a hostile environment whereby SLPP thugs will attack the police that will be responsible for security on Election Day. Also, part of the plan is to openly criticize NEC and SLBC as favouring the APC
Mr. Bio loves power, and strongly believes that he must get it by all means necessary. The palace coup that he masterminded in 1994 by overthrowing Strasser is evident of Bio’s over-ambitious character that will stop at nothing.
The truth of the matter is the people of Sierra Leone are well-informed about the daily political activities and development that are going on around the country.
Therefore, this forthcoming election is one with a difference, hence, the success of the biometric voter registration is a symbolic sign to attest that the people of Sierra Leone have grown up politically, and strongly believe in democratic norms.
Finally, as the countdown to elections day is getting smaller by the day, people from all walks of life are preaching, and singing for non-violence. So, it is against this backdrop that political aspirants should be very mindful of the people’s interest, and hence must all work for peaceful elections.

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One Response to “Maada Bio’s plan exposed”

  1. One thing I would like to say about this moron, Maada Bio. He must be arrested before this election for human rights violations and charged with murdering the 29 people during his hey days. His plan B in question should be stopped and squashed well in advance before the election. We do not have room for his evil and devious political career in this country. He should be eliminated the same way he murdered those 29 people.