The Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP), true to our revelation , have launched a smear campaign against anything connected with the All People’s Congress ( APC). The other day it was Vice-President Alhaji Sam Sumana. The SLPP  and their newspapers, including those working covertly with them, while claiming to be neutral citizens, did their level best to drown the VP in a slough and mire of smear politics, but they failed miserably, with Hon. Sam Sumana gallantly clearing his name, though if you read the SLPP Premier News, New People, Global Times , Satellite and Unity Now newspapers, and the Sama Banya Column ,  the VP did not succeed in his quest.  These malicious people  do not really want the VP to clear his name and so they will continue to bandy the outdated allegations around, though Mr.Sam Sumana , having done his job well, will do well to  snob them and go about his normal business proudly.


There is no doubt that the SLPP , having realized that they cannot win the forthcoming Presidential and Legislative Elections, have chosen the path of smear campaigns against the APC  to appeal to what they perceive as a gullible public. Just as we predicted in our editorial last week, the smear politics will not end with the VP. The SLPP  will try to sully and tarnish the names of many other APC operatives. The VP ’s case  was just the preamble .How true our revelation and prediction ! ! . The VP  had barely cleaned his name when the SLPP kicked their smear machine into full gear once again. The latest victim is the Deputy Government Spokesman, Abdulai Bayraytay. The allegations against him, which we will not repeat here because we do not engage in Gossip  and yellow Journalism,  came after he and Karamoh Kabbah, the Media Coordinator , robustly defended the VP last weekend and even outshone the SLPP operatives who slugged it out  with them on the popular MONOLOGUE Program .  There is no doubt that Bayraytay is being picked on because of his outstanding performance last weekend in the MONOLOGUE program.

The SLPP  is doing a disservice to the nation by their dirty, uncivilized, crude and gutter campaign strategy. Prospective voters and citizens are being cheated off the opportunity to listen to  constructive  inter-party debates on  matters of national interest. The voting public wants to know what the SLPP  will do better  than the APC in Sierra Leone if they are given another chance at governance, BUT ALAS . It would seem like the SLPP  really has nothing to offer the nation . Sierra Leoneans’ ears are itching for information on the socio-economic and political blueprint of the SLPP but all they hear from the so-called Grand , Old Party are old wives tales , veranda gossip and gutter talk. This is a shame and a disgraceful verdict on the sanity and capabilities of the people advancing the SLPP’s agenda.  The nation demands better from the SLPP.

The people of Sierra Leone have a choice. They must vote overwhelmingly for President Ernest Bai Koroma and the APC Government because only they have demonstrated that national matters are very serious business . The President has also stolen a march on the starter with his immaculate infrastructural and other socio-economic and political developments , something that the SLPP  cannot provide . The 5-years of Ernest Koroma in power far outdo the SLPP’s 11 years in power in the area of national developments which are very visible to every eye. It is also a fact that the SLPP  has provided a presidential candidate who is a hard sell because he is a murderer and a thief.

Given these serious inadequacies of the SLPP, the best decision that Sierra Leoneans should take on November 11 , 2012 is to vote for the APC  to provide continuity in socio-economic and political developments. The SLPP are not serious. Any political party that depends on smear and gutter politics must be given what they deserve–The boot into the sewers where they really belong.


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