“President Koroma DESERVES a second term” , says SLPP activist Solomon Gembeh in Dallas. “This is the truth because President Koroma’s performance during his first term warrants a 2nd term of 5 MORE YEARS. He kept his promises and today Sierra Leoneans are enjoying the benefits of President Koroma’s Presidency everywhere in the nation. In terms of development, many JCs who’ve gone home expecting the worse have returned quite impressed with DEVELOPMENTS in Sierra Leone. Some even return knowing Sierra Leone is not a nation to be taken advantage of anymore. The road construction, service delivery, alertness in the nation, nationalism, and the determination of Sierra Leoneans to birth the New Sierra Leone, are comments made daily.

So indeed Solomon Gembeh just lend his voice to the millions who already know President Koroma deserves a 2nd term of 5 MORE YEARS. The Voters will give President Koroma a 2nd term of 5 MORE YEARS on 11/17/12. Solomon Gembeh, welcome to the 99% made up of Sierra Leoneans from the south, east, west, north, Mendes, Konos, Krios, Mandingoes, all tribes and all political parties currently chanting 2nd term of 5 MORE YEARS for President Koroma. To injure Sierra Leoneans by giving them you know who is not just and would be the worse Sin committed by this generation of Sierra Leoneans.

Just as we are in the US, so Sierra Leoneans should be in the homeland. Over here, Bio wouldn’t have gone this far. Julius Maada Bio would be in JAIL instead of crisscrossing the nation telling Lies upon lies upon lies. Bio’s crimes are too many for him to be freely moving around dreaming about leading Sierra Leone. We cannot seek the happiness of fellow Sierra Leoneans at home but try to oppress them with violence by presenting Bio the tormentor as a viable contender. So let’s continue to make Bio a nonentity in this race and keep chanting a 2nd term of 5 MORE YEARS FOR EBK. Join the movement and lend your patriotic voice to a 2nd term

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2 Responses to “SLPP Man Solomon Gembeh says ‘De Pa’ deserves a second term”

  1. So much for all the development indexes etc. So much for all the constructions. They are getting paid while other’s aren’t. This is one of the few reasons for the coup in 1991/92.

    And these fools legalized small arms to be legit in Sa Lone? Den jus don rubber stamp violence for di election come November. Which celebrity needs protection SOOOO much in Sierra Leone. The city’s name should just change to LAGOS.

    Are you kidding me. The U.N and other organisations spent soo much time and resources to disarm folks with weapons and now we are passing a bill without the necessary paramters/structures in place.

    This just makes it plain about the arms that were shipped in earlier this year. It all makes perfect sense. It wasn’t for Darfur or “routine upgrade” as the foreign affairs monister put it and it’s right here on the archives @ Cocorioko. Maybe Schulenburg was correct. Are you all serious? Oh the Le100,000,000.0 for a presidential nominee’s fees.

    Lord have mercy!!!! So the average man can never be president unless he’s funded by drug cartels. Mr. UDM opening his gap talking about in fact the amount is too small. We all KNOW he doesn’t have that kinda of money. We also know who would pay it for him if it were even a billion leones. Sierra Leone is a corporatocracy!!! We have been SOLD! Read the fine print folks, Forget all the 4 lane sub C grade roads in Wilkson Road, Stadium in Bo, Highway constructions, Bumbuna etc etc etc etc. We have sold/leveraged all our mineral rights. We own NOTHING! Look at the exchange rate. Yeah for a country who has moved up the indexes! Which indexes? Same shit was done in 1980 with the OAU $150,000,000 LOAN which we are still suffering to pay today.

    Yeah keep being schooled and fooled bhy the construction! We do need it but the deals were done shadily and we gave up everything we own and pockets are getting fatter and the people are clueless. They see construction! Big fat deal. I’m soooo pissed as this is about NO APC or SLPP it’s about our people our country and our future.

    Ask the authorities where the $24 charged at Lungi goes?? -DFID we don’t get a penny!!!!!!!!!

    Ar sorry for we pekin dem now.


    Dallas Texas

  2. Yeah you all can keep deleting my comments. Solo is SOLIDLY GREEN!

    We would complain as long as it affects the future of our brothers and sisters. I will never give any credit in a any forum or events. If I meet EBK i’ll tell him myself and have Sanpha Sesay twist my words. I know him very well as we all live in Dallas!


    Dallas Texas