Dear John Benjamin :

You keep focusing on personalities in the All People’s Congress from the one side of your mouth. Doing double talking you cannot even mention by name the soiled candidate leading your party to the November polls. Why? You know the name Julius Maada Bio is not in good standing with the people of Sierra Leone. If you can’t acknowledge his humanity by cleverly referring to him as “our flag bearer” who is it you are fooling depraved John Benjamin, during your press conferences? If it is your hope that the way you hoodwinked the SLPP convention in Makeni to get Berewa elected, thereby securing for yourself the position of Finance Minister is going to work again, the results of the 2007 Presidential and General Elections should leave no doubt in your mind that Bio and the SLPP massive defeat is in the making. Sierra Leoneans are truly tired of the treachery put on display by you, Bio, and all top ranking SLPP officials around the world. Bio, you, and the entire SLPP exhibits nation-wrecking dishonesty in today’s Sierra Leone.

Less we forget it was during the SLPP Government that civil societies advocated for improved mining conditions and more benefits to the locals whose land and diamonds SLPP operatives exploited. Less we forget, the government then discouraged and prevented all efforts to grant the people of Kono a fair share of profits from the proceeds of diamonds being extracted from their land. Less we forget, although the SLPP you chair now have a political epiphany, all efforts were blocked by the SLPP to grant the request of the Konos because other than ripping off the land, the SLPP cared less about the well-being of Konos and the development of the District. Less we forget which Kono is in a topmost SLPP position remotely controlling the insincere activities of your party? Less we forget how many billions did you use of GoSL’s funds during your failed attempt to get Berewa elected in 2007? We have not forgotten that our International Donors stopped disbursement of millions of dollars because the SLPP used those funds for your unsuccessful campaign. Should the PPRC check into your records as Finance Minister to see how you spent millions of dollars of donor funds during the 2007 campaign for the SLPP? Maybe you need to look at your potbelly image to find out who has dishonesty in his inner being.

Moving on, it is fraudulent to cunningly engineer the election of Julius Maada Bio who currently appears to be Sierra Leone’s “Sara the Great” political comedian. We are clearly seeing the hands of Bio’s puppet masters pulling the strings in your clique’s attempt to once again ruse the nation and Sierra Leoneans. But more than your lying ways to get the job done, the urgent message from Sierra Leoneans is that “the days of the NPRC were enough.” You can slap us and use all the brutal force available to you, we still say no more NPRC/NUP SLPP; the days of the NPRC were enough. You can stay in Sierra Leone or attempt to come to the US and be embarrassed as you were in 2009, we still say no more NPRC/NUP SLPP. You can try to court the Kono votes by interfering with President Koroma choice of running mate, we are resolute on the stance that no more NPRC/NUP SLPP; the days of the NPRC/NUP SLPP. Every issue you have raised for the people of Sierra Leone has failed to grab the people’s attention. That should tell you JOB, it’s time to focus on what the people want to know. In this regard please stop exhibiting dishonesty and tell the people the truth that Julius Maada Bio is a social reject (DEPORTEE) from the United States and in deep within you, you know he is incompetent to lead Sierra Leone.

Rightly said we are all concern “about the future welfare and prosperity of our Mama Salone.” If this is not an open endorsement of President Ernest Koroma’s Agenda of Prosperity as against Bio’s “play-cook” rubbish, then nothing is. We hear you Mr. Chairman, who cannot even utter the name of his candidate. Now can you hear us? Stop shielding Julius Maada Bio the KILLER, THEIF, WARMONGER, and DEPORTEE from the United States. Enough of your press conferences, JOB.  Sierra Leoneans now wants to unswervingly hear from Julius Maada Bio; it is his turn to face the nation by taking the podium. There are pressing issues we seek clarity on that affects our future welfare and prosperity. For example his recent failed attempt to enter the United States of America and the numerous lies told by the SLPP regarding this DISGRACEFUL ISSUE for your party. We have evidences of the SLPP’s dishonest publications. It appears Bio’s praise singers were singing false praises about his journey to the US. What Happened JOB? Please don’t exhibit dishonesty and tell Sierra Leoneans the actual truth.

For the future welfare and prosperity of our Mama Salone, we would like to know if Bio’s severed tie with the world’s superpower USA is his New Direction to take Sierra Leone back to misery and poverty. During Bio’s press conference sir, presenting his actual passport with documentations from the US Embassy and other credible sources would convince a great many of us that those who think they are highlighting the dishonesty of others are not exhibiting dishonesty themselves. So, do not blow out your hot air about dishonesty when your flag bearer Julius Maada Bio I must mention by name is submerged in the sea of SLPP dishonesty. Here is the honest answer to your question, “Who for goodness sake is exhibiting dishonesty”? Mr. John Benjamin for goodness sake Sierra Leoneans know it is Julius Maada Bio and the SLPP leadership that are “Exhibiting Dishonesty.” Just like you were unable to get Berewa elected, it not within you to change our minds that Julius Maada Bio is dishonest, and President Koroma is our leader until 2017. Lonta!

Solomon Sesay

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