By Solomon Sesay of  The New Daily Nation :

The Satanic Lasmamy Peoples Party SLPP New People CEO Sheku Kallon is extremely sad. He is covered up in skunk poop which STINKS badly. He is part of the 1% that is bent on reversing current socio-economic development in Sierra Leone. This insignificant few want Bio to lead us regardless of his despicable past. Every false report Sheku’s tabloid the New People has published about the exceptional leadership of His Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma and Vice President Samuel Sumana has been disproven. This is good news for Sierra Leoneans and millions are happy about this trend. For a change, God answered our prayers for good leadership in 2007 when the All People’s Congress won the General and Presidential Elections. Sierra Leoneans are happy that another prayer is about to be answered with the continuation of President Koroma and the All People’s Congress for five more years.


As millions jubilate because of answered prayers, Sheku’s melancholy is compounded because nothing is going well for his man. Sierra Leoneans are not buying the false image of Bio Sheku Kallon and others are struggling to sell. Sheku has risked his American, Sierra Leonean, and international credibility trying to accomplish the impossible. Maybe in another lifetime, but today, tomorrow and forever, Bio is too soiled to lead Sierra Leone. Sheku is extremely sad because no strategy is working as time is no longer in their favor. The countdown has begun and the clock is revealing tik-tok defeat. His last attempt to sneer President Koroma and Vice President Sumana just backfired. Sheku is now left wondering what next to do since every effort to taint the character of President Koroma and VP Sumana have only made both leaders more popular and now appear to be unstoppable. Could this be the source of his sadness?

Sierra Leoneans are trashing the New People in cyberspace. Sheku Kallon is now acclaimed as the publisher of lies, and one of the brains behind the SLPP downfall. Thousands of Sierra Leoneans found out just today that Sheku Kallon is the architect behind the character assassination attempts by the white man Mark Heiligman. Many scoffed at his emails and are calling him Salone’s Judas who attempted to sell his own brother for political gains. Furthermore, Mr. Kloeber’s letter suggests VP Sumana conducted himself appropriately although Sheku would have Sierra Leoneans believe otherwise. Knowing that his game of betrayal is up and they were about to be exposed as unpatriotic Sierra Leoneans, Sheku wants all Sierra Leoneans to share in his wretchedness.

Brother Sheku Kallon, let’s get this straight, speak for yourself because it is a happy day for millions of Sierra Leoneans. Our honorable Vice President respects us to the point of walking to the podium, with head held high and engaged a cross-section of the press to clear his name and set the record straight. He dealt with your attempt (helped by the Whiteman Mark Heiligman) to assassinate his character, as a venerable statesman.  Vice President Sumana proved that he is a man with integrity, prestige, and class to look Sierra Leoneans straight in their eyes and answer poignant questions asked by who is who amongst the journalists in Sierra Leone. I wonder if you know a leader within the SLPP who needs to do the same ASAP.

It is a sad day for Sheku because he once again found out about the impossible task of soiling the character of our astute leaders. It is a sad day for Sheku because Mark’s associates have dissociated themselves from his exploitative and extortionist behavior. It is a sad day for Sheku because instead of issuing a public apology to the Vice President of Sierra Leone, he’ll rather continue his dangerous political escapade quite oblivious to the damage he is doing to Sierra Leone; Sheku would rather sink deeper in skunk poop than admit he is wrong. The sad part is Sheku wants to talk about chiefs selling other Africans into slavery during the “Dark Ages”. Sheku is the 2012 chief that tried to sell our President and Vice President into financial bondage all for the sake of electing someone Sierra Leoneans openly reject.  SHEKU KALLON SOLD THE CREDIBILITY & REPUTATION OF PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT OF SIERRA LEONE TO THE WHITEMAN-Mark Heiligman.

I’ll be sad too if I was head deep in skunk poop like Sheku Kallon is. However, it is completely wrong for him to project his misery onto other Sierra Leoneans. Millions of Sierra Leoneans around the world are happy that Vice President Samuel Sumana did not organize a march-pass parade and pretend there was no pressing issue on the people’s mind. Millions are happy that he stood up and accounted for business dealings that benefited his people in Kono before the ousting of the SLPP GoSL in 2007. We are happy he did not give a fake interview to members of his clique because he has none. VP Sumana is clean!  WE are happy because our sitting Vice President is vindicated and that’s good news for the nation.  We are happy he is not crisscrossing Sierra Leone lying to Sierra Leoneans about coming to America. We are happy he placed his personality on Front Street for the whole world to see that he has nothing to hide and no issue to shy away from. We are happy Vice President Sumana showed us the equipment he shipped to Sierra Leone in 2000. We are happy to find out he employed hundreds of Sierra Leoneans and provided earnings for families while the corrupt SLPP GoSL stole millions of dollars from poor Sierra Leoneans.

Now can I ask? What did Bio take to Sierra Leone on his return in 2003? How many citizens did Maada Bio employ since he resettled in Sierra Leone after being chased out of the United States of America? Is someone who sought asylum in the US by falsifying information fit to lead us in 2012 after returning to the country he wanted political retreat from? We are happy Vice President Samuel Sumana held the light and showed Bio the new direction by being a statesman.  We hope Bio took notice that when there is high anxiety in the nation, taking a bogus victory lap to hide a disgrace is not the way to go. We are less impressed with parades and false publications to give the picture that all is well when in actuality Bio may be sitting on a time bomb. So finally, Julius Maada Bio will you face the nation as Vice President Samuel Sumana did to answer the pressing questions Sierra Leoneans are asking? To make yours even more impressive, invite the international press. Sheku Kallon convincing Julius Maada Bio to face the nation would perhaps reduce your sadness.   Lonta!

Solomon Sesay

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