As the November elections draw nearer, the rate of dirty politicking is becoming cumbersome. It has never been  evident until now that some Sierra Leoneans are very  hungry and desperate for power and in their blind determination to wrestle power from the hands of the present government they will stop at nothing , including stirring up even misguided aliens to fabricate stories against the President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, the Vice-President Sam Sumana and other government officials. Mudslinging has become the order of the day in the run up to the November 17 elections. And this is a shame.



Some Sierra Leoneans are behaving like the people of our country are so gullible that they will be swept away by every wind of dirty politicking and intrigues. They do not realize that the Sierra Leonean people have become wiser after the event.

The very multimedia system that some Sierra Leoneans are abusing to concoct, package and distribute slander and dirty political banter about our politicians have also made our people wiser.

The multimedia  have brought Sierra Leoneans closer to an understanding of the intricacies of politics in the the global village and they know from the experiences of other countries that concocting and distributing malicious stories against government officials are common during elections time.  Through cable TV,  radio, internet media and  social networking  sites like FACEBOOK, which they can now easily access even through their IPhones or IPads,  the world is closer to Sierra  Leoneans than it ever was.  They become instantly aware of events as soon as they  happen all over the world, unlike the olden days when they had to wait for days to read about them in newspapers. Therefore, Sierra Leoneans have become savvy about politics in their country and around the world. They will therefore not be bothered by slander designed to defame the government on the eve of elections. The veracity of this thesis could be clearly authenticated through the  manner that President Koroma has remained hugely popular to the Sierra Leonean people ,despite all  that the opposition has done locally and internationally to besmear his name in the media. The more dirt the opposition lobs at President Koroma, the more popular he becomes to the people.

As far as the Sierra Leonean people are concerned, the November elections will be determined by the records of the individuals participating in the contest . The question that will face  Sierra Leoneans on November 17  is not what  some uppity , ill-disposed and manipulated foreigner  somewhere thinks  about our President or Vice-President but whether  the government has done  enough for them during its five years of stewardship  to deserve being re-elected to  a second term.

The Sierra Leonean people know what to look for . It is less likely that they will scurry through the gutters  with the dirtmongers for the latest dirt on President Koroma or his officials to help them decide how to vote on November 17. Rather, they will  first look around for visible and tangible evidence about whether  the government has or has not worked for them in the five years it has been in power . It is from that trajectory that they will decide  whether or not to seriously view the alternate mantra that opposition politician Maada Bio will be trying to sell to them. Consumers do not buy your products simply because you make noise that the other person’s products are rotten. They will look at the qualities of the two products and decide which product has served them better in the past .

In the case of President Ernest Bai Koroma, he stands a better  chance of winning the elections  because he has done wonderous things for the Sierra Leonean people. President Koroma’s record of socio-economic and political achievements remain the most attractive proposition for the Sierra Leonean people. They have seen what the President has accomplished for them in five years–The magnificent infrastructure and top quality highways, the 24-hour electricity supply, the restoration of water supply,  the available bus services, the free health care, the revival of agriculture and mining activities, the promise of socio-economic breakthroughs, the thriving democratic climate , peace and tranquility in the land and the manner that President Koroma has transformed the nation . It is not likely for the people to overlook these dramatic achievements and vote in the unpromising,  and the tarnished and spoilt goods called Maada Bio, unless they do not wish good things for themselves . The President’s task continue to be made easier by the shameful miscues and inadequacies of his opponent , Maada Bio, such as his inability to enter the U.S. because of his human rights records which are  appalling. No serious-minded nation will vote in a President who cannot enter the U.S, the Mecca of socio-economic and political advancements for developing countries.

All the All People’s Congress ( APC ) Government needs to do is to continue to deliver the development projects .

Those presently engaged in dirty politicking will find out in November that they had  only  been wasting their time if this government continues to perform and deliver . If the Libyan rice scandal helped cause the defeat of the SLPP in 2007, it was because the government of President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah was very useless and had no record of tangible and sustainable socio-economic and political achievements to stand on . If the SLPP Government had performed and delivered, no amount of propagation of the rice issue would have turned the electorate’s mind against them. Their achievements would have spoken for them at the ballot box.


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2 Responses to “Dirty politicking will not change the game at this last moment : The Sierra Leonean people already know the yardstick to determine who gets their votes in November”

  1. Kanji Daramy July 21, 2012

    There is evidence of progress everywhere since EBK became President in 2007. Even the so-called marginalisation of south-easterners is untrue as those two regions constitute half of the APC ministerial pool. The vp is from the south-east, so are the following ministers: JB Dauda, Vandi Minah, Ngaujah, Musa Tarawallie, Hindolo Trye, Soccoh Kabia, Moijueh Kaikai, Juana Smith, Tamba Komba Kono. This list does not include Deputy Ministers, Ambassadors at the UN, Ethiopia, Russia, Liberia and civil servants such as the Head of the Civil Service, Head of the Reform Secretariat, and several Permanent Secretaries, Chairpersons and members of parastatals, etc. What more can EBK offer to the south-east from where his APC won only two out of fifty-two parliamentary seats in the 2007 elections that saw him emerge as President with his party having a parliamentary majority of 59 out of a total of 112 seats. Truth is, EBK has been too saintly, too generous to the south-east. But how for do? EBK nar democratic, inclusive, altruistic en generous leader. A vote for him is a vote for democracy, progress, development, inclusiveness and prosperity.

  2. Alusine M. Fofanah July 21, 2012

    Big Bro. You have said it all. Nothing more, nothing less as the entire points and issues been written by you could not be contested by even the least lay man or a miopic narrow thinking headed and unprogressive and unpatriotic bunch of criminals, simply because, they are practically there for all to see. North, South, East and the Western Area have all got their shares in the distribution of the National Development strides of President Ernest Bai Koroma’s Agenda for Chanege and Trasformation. There is no doubt about it at all.
    Serra Leoneans around and about could even attest to the fact that some of most President Ernest Bai Koroma promised during the Campaign of moving the Country forward and turning it around for better is achieved as the remainig is on pipe line after the 2012 Elections. Inshaalahu!!