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Julius Maada Bio, the Flag Bearer of Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) recently launched his manifesto. The auspicious occasion was held at the prestigious Sierra Leone Bank complex in Kingtom, Freetown.

Maada Bio explained to his mammoth audience that his manifesto is titled: ‘Development Process for the Flag Bearer and Presidential Nominee of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).’



The event which took place on July 17th 2012 saw Maada Bio delivering a statement in which he explained that his manifesto will not only be for the elite, but for all Sierra Leoneans.

He further told his large audience that his own agenda is for a move in a new direction come November 17th 2012. According to Maada Bio, his new direction would  address the issue of unemployment  of youths, efficient and effective management of  the nation’s natural resources and economy, human capital development through quality education, and improved health care; eliminating hunger, fighting corruption and improving accountability plus respecting human rights and upholding the rule of law. He added that his manifesto also makes way for empowerment of women and building and maintaining a sound infrastructure.

He went further to identify what he described as priority areas in his ‘New Direction’ working paper whilst identifying many areas of concern which he said would be addressed.

These areas according to Maada Bio include youth training and employment which will be directed by putting youth at the centre of development and in the driving seat to seek a new direction for Sierra Leone as they play a crucial role in the on-going democratization and peace-building process.

He added that investing in education, training and youth development has been at an unacceptable all time low in the present government which he said has resulted in the weak opportunities for youth employment which is increasing in an alarming proportion and could easily become fodder for future conflict.

The SLPP Flag Bearer Maada Bio stressed that with regard efficient and effective management of the nation’s natural resources and the economy, his ‘New Direction’ philosophy, will work with partners to have case-by-case review and possibly a re-negotiation of all mining and petroleum agreements based on international best practice and existing mining and fiscal legislation.

He maintained that unlike the present government which in 2010 hastily passed the Petroleum Production and Exploration Act without allowing due diligence by the citizenry, his own government would not succumb to such.

According to Maada Bio’s ‘New Direction,’ human capacity development needs investing in education, training and health care because according to him, only two out of every five Sierra Leoneans can read and write whilst education at all levels has dropped because of the few qualified teachers/lecturers at all levels.

He promised that in his new direction, he would focus at establishing adult and functional literacy programmes in all chiefdoms and urban towns and that free girl child education would be a must.

Impressive as his words may sound to the layman, Maada Bio we are sorry to say did not say or pretend to have anything new to offer the people of Sierra Leone. All what Maada Bio said about his ‘New Direction’ are things that had been said and are things that had been implemented, or are things ongoing or in the pipeline.

SLPP and non-SLPP people would have loved to hear Maada Bio talk about scientific exploration, deep sea exploration, nuclear science experiments, construction of overhead bridges, expansion of old airports and construction of new ones, assembling of railways and other creative innovations to make Sierra Leone meet with international standards.

We wish to note that Maada Bio has traveled far and wide and he should be in the position to know what is good or reasonably good for the development of Sierra Leone. Sadly, Maada Bio with all respect to him seems to be more concerned about what his predecessors and successors had done or are presently doing.

Maada Bio should actually tell Sierra Leoneans something else and something new if at all he wants to be taken seriously. Otherwise, as the saying goes, once a fool, twice an idiot!


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