Sierra Leoneans are blessing President Ernest Koroma every day for the impressive manner he has transformed their nation in so short a time. A country whose capital was once dubbed the darkest city in the world now enjoys full and uninterrupted flow of electricity. Many Sierra Leoneans this newspaper spoke to about the current energy situation in the country had only praise for President Ernest Bai Koroma.

“We are having regular electricity now,” RANSFORD BOSTON  of Liverpool Street excitedly told the Publisher of this newspaper. “Even as I am talking to you now, there is electricity all over the city” .

Mr. Boston, a teacher in one of the inner city schools , said that Sierra Leone has undergone thorough transformation under President Ernest Bai Koroma. He recalled the distasteful state of affairs over six years ago when the whole nation was in complete darkness and everybody was complaining about the absence of electricity . He recalled the sweaty days and sweaty nights without fan or air-conditioner and remarked that God will bless President Koroma. Boston told this paper that he did not vote for the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ) in 2007 but this year, he will proudly cast his vote for the party because “De Pa dey try ! ! ! ”

COCORIOKO asked him : “If the Pa is ‘trying’, as many of you seem to be saying, why are the opposition newspapers full of negative reports and blames ? ” Mr.Boston quickly responded that “It is all politics. The SLPP  is fighting desperately to come back to power and what do you think they will do ? They have to make it look like the Pa is doing nothing ” . COCORIOKO asked further : “If all of you are saying these positive things and these people continue writing all these  nonsense about no light, aren’t they trying to deceive the public ? ”  Mr. Boston, who has a sense of humor, ridiculed the SLPP  that they are  not trying to deceive the nation. “They are deceiving their own selves because the people are seeing all the developments taking place and they know that Pa Koroma is really doing a great job. They are just fooling themselves “. Becoming animated , Mr.Boston said excitedly : “You come and see all the developments that have taken place in this country in the last 5 years. From here to Lumley, all the roads are new. Wilkinson Road is now a four-lane highway . The pace of developments is just too amazing ” .

COCORIOKO wanted to know why a veteran politician, Mr. Sama Banya, wrote in one of the SLPP  newspapers that come the electioneering campaign, he and SLPP zealots will prove that the Pa. has done nothing. Mr. Boston responded that he was very disappointed with failed and recycled politicians like Sama Banya , who are not only a menace to the truth but are disgracefully full of deceit . “If that is the way the SLPP wants to win the elections, they must be really deluded ‘, he said. “To feel that you will win an election by failing to acknowledge the achievements of your opponents is foolish and delusive. “

MARJORIE JOHNSON, who works for a cellphone company in Freetown also confirmed that electricity is available. “The light is there . We get it throughout the day and night. ” She said that if there was going to be a blackout, it would be announced on the radio, stating the reason, for instance that there is a problem with transformers in the area. But the problem is quickly addressed and electricity is restored.

The provision of electricity in the nation was one of the campaign promises of President Koroma in 2007. President Koroma promised the nation that if elected, he will bring electricity to the doorsteps of the citizens. Five years into his rule, the quality of life of Sierra Leoneans has improved with the restoration of electricity. President Koroma even became the first Head of State to complete the Bumbuna Hydroelectricity Project. The President demonstrated to the people that he is a man who keeps his promises.

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