COCORIOKO  has confirmed the story the Publisher of Awareness Times , Dr. Sylvia Blyden, broke at Facebook this evening  that the former military strongman, Tom Nyuma, has quit the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP ) and declared for the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ) .  Col. Nyuma’s defection is a huge blow to the SLPP and the party’s hope of sweeping its stronghold , Kailahun, has just been jettisoned because Nyuma commands tremendous clout in the district, a fact that no serious SLPP  member will dispute.


The defection will also send a strong  message that with Maada Bio as its presidential flagbearer, the centre of the SLPP will never hold , whatever the violence they plan to unleash ,  given the fact that  if anybody should defect while Maada Bio is the Presidential candidate of the SLPP, it should not  have been  Tom Nyuma, considering the strong bond that once existed between Nyuma and Bio as both were among the soldiers who staged the 1992 military coup and served in the junta that later handed over power to the SLPP in 1996 after rigged Presidential Elections. This is a clear demonstration of Maada Bio’s inability to attract people to himself and the SLPP. Bio repels people, a fact that the SLPP will continue denying to their doom in the November elections. If Bio can lose Nyuma at this crucial period when he is vying for the presidency, it is clear that he is not being taken seriously and also he does not enjoy goodwill within his own party.

The Nyuma defection may be the vital breakthrough the APC needs to upend the SLPP in their stronghold. With Nyuma on their side, the APC  can now make an effective case to the people of Kailahun that the SLPP does not have any appeal, given their lack of development objectives and the best place to be is the APC.

The sources who confirmed the story to us told us that the Tom Nyuma defection was indeed  a very big shock to the SLPP. It has sent ripples within the party.  The Chairman of the SLPP , Mr. John Benjamin, is stunned but is trying to soften the blow by assuring concerned partisans that the SLPP is able to surmount such obstacles.



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9 Responses to “Another big blow to SLPP : Strongman Tom Nyuma joins APC”

  1. Ken Josiah March 12, 2012

    This news strikes me as really odd, not because Tom Nyuma defected, after all democracy makes for alternatives. I am reminded of the events that occured in Bo Town on Monday July 23, 2007. I am also reminded of the ideals of the late Lieutenant Sahr Samuel Sandy. And, I am left asking myself this question; what does Tom Nyuma stand for? Who is Tom Nyuma? Soldier? Rebel? Sobel? SLPP? APC?

    • Sahr Davowah March 12, 2012

      I know what Retired Sahr Tommy Nyuma stands for. Tom fights against injustice and he is a true soldier that upholds his constitutional obligations. When it was worthy for the then APC government to be shown the door, he was part of it. When it was worthy to remove Captain Strasser as he wanted to bend the will of the people, he was there. When CO Fulla monamie of the RUF threatened the the catpture of Kenema, Tom stopped him. When his home town, Buedu needed libration from the RUF, he did it. When the SLPP Prince Harding claimed that he wanted to stage a coupd against Kabba, he resigned graciuosly. When his people needed him to serve them as their chariman, he answered their call. When he saw the undiluted fact that OUR PRESIDENT IS DOING A GOOD JOB, HE COMMENDED HIM. Now, Tom is with the APC, and this my happiest moment ever in politics. TOM, DO WHAT IS RIGHTS AND LET THE CONSEQUENCE FOLLOW.

    • Good one Mr. Josiah!


      Dallas Texas

  2. Abdulai Koroma March 12, 2012

    I personally made comments one time that even the devil like a progessive person when tired of his evil attempts. Lets me answer my brother question, who is Tom Nyuma? he is the present chairman of the Kailahun council, that means he have some command in that region, he won the chairmanship election under SLPP banner. I think the answer is enough to your question, lets me also remind my brother that in politic numbers are important for victory.
    I am not a Politician but let us look at the present transformation in the country, road work , energy is improving, health situation is improving, agricultural policies and input are taking place, constructions of primary and secondary schhols are ongoing, when talking about human rights records is in high esteem and only people who like politic than developments refuse to accept and commend the present administration. from every mountains lets freedoms reign-Martin Luther King jr, once to every man and nation come a moment to decide, the people of sierra leone will reward the APC for their good work, Lonta-Abdulai-Vienna

  3. Sheka kamara March 12, 2012

    He possibly have seen the reasons not to disrupt the political and economic future of the country. To most analysts, the progress the country is making is vissible and tangible. There is little, if any, reason to doubt the leadership of President Koroma. Secondly the SLPP intentionally ‘voted’ and endorsed a second term for President Koroma by norminating the weakest candidate among the much more gifted contestants for its flagbearership. Bio has not gotten the ‘personality’ needed to challange President Koroma and the SLPP is bright enough to have known that and in fact, they actually knew. Tom is just one of those bold enough to tell ‘Mad Man Boy’ that he is not a suitable replacement for Mr. Koroma. The SLPP think tanks have decided to put the baby to rest as this is his one and only last chance to smell the SLPP nomination. Don’t you get the trick yet?

  4. Ken Josiah March 12, 2012

    I am guilty of making a hasty conclusion. Having spoken to him personally, I ve realized the reason for Tom’s decision, I totally support his action.

  5. Tom Nyuma has done the best thing for himself and his country. Please dont feel guilty for what you have done. Your action has made all Sierra Leoneans home and abroad very proud of you. God bless you.

  6. Osman Bangura March 13, 2012

    Tom Nyuma’s resignation is a clear manifestation of the president’s agenda for change,thank u for reasoning well Tom.

  7. IS Camara March 14, 2012

    We should stop thinking at this present age that ,one’s support for a political party is unchangeable bcos of tribe or the region one comes from. Let us learn to lend our support to visionary and imaginative leaders that have the country’ s interest at heart. That is what patriotism is is all about.Go ahead bro Tom with what u think is correct 4 d good of this nation and not because of ……