A child can run but he cannot hide. We had said it all along that all the postures and glib talk by the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) about returning to  power in November 2012 were just big talk aimed at heightening tensions in the country and when they lose the elections, unleash spectacular chaos that would provoke foreign intervention and calls for a coalition government. The SLPP is not ready to return to the opposition status after 2012 and will hatch every plan to disrupt the forthcoming elections and get the international community to install a so-called unity government.





Whoever thinks that all those badly-written and incoherent articles appearing in the foreign press , allegedly written by SLPP Presidential candidate, Mr. Maada Bio, but being actually penned by a dimwit that does not know that we do not have “Western Provinces”  in Sierra Leone,  are just mere political articles meant to brief the international community about perceived problems in the nation is joking. It is all a grand plan to get the international community ready for the execution of the SLPP  plans to create chaos and blame it on the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ). All this obsession with the non-issue of ERSG Michael Schulenburg’s recall are elements of the grand design of the SLPP. The unproven allegations of armed ex-combatants being ferried to the South/East by the APC and lorryloads of people from Liberia being ferried across the borders to register are all smokescreens being created by the SLPP  to buttress their plan.

The biometric registration has clearly demonstrated that the APC will defeat the SLPP  clearly in the Presidential Elections this year. The only area of uncertainty  so far is the parliamentary  elections but figures collated so far from the registration show a demographic picture  favouring a clear APC  victory in the presidential elections , not to even mention the ever-rising popularity of President Ernest Bai Koroma. The SLPP are not asleep. They have put all these figures together and known that if the APC hold steady their supremacy in the Western Area , Northern Province and Kono District, the figures show an overwhelming victory in November for President Ernest Koroma . Forget for the moment that the SLPP  might even be upstaged in some key areas of their South/ Eastern strongholds.

Therefore, all those closely following up and scrutinizing all the trash being put out by the SLPP  can now see a shift from the optimism of the past months to bitter complaining, making mountains out of non-issues like the Schulenburg recall and outrightly threatening violence. The now indisposed, venal  old man Sama Banya started it when he threatened that Sierra Leone might go back to the Kamajor and Ndorgbohwuui ‘s days ( Violence and mayhem ). READ IT ALL HERE : http://www.thenewpeople.com/editorials-oped/puawui/item/1527-what-is-all-the-hulabalu-about?  Then came this article from leading SLPP UK/Ireland Branch Publicity Secretary,  Mr. Sheku Lexmond Koroma : http://www.thenewpeople.com/national-news/politics/item/1526-not-this-time-though-president-koroma

Today, in a press release by the SLPP Chairman , Mr. John Benjamin,  in which he blasted the APC, the Police and the National Elections Commission (NEC ) carried the following ominous statement : “The SLPP holds the view that any violation of the legal provisions may tilt results of Local Council and Parliamentary elections thereby serving as a basis for future conflict “. Anybody can  read between the lines and place this statement by Benjamin within the context of the SLPP’s planned recourse if they lose the elections –CONFLICT.

Then came the classified information from our men on the ground in Sierra Leone that the SLPP has decided on  a two-pronged plan : BOYCOTT and then CHAOS.

We had hardly decoded all the information we received when the independent SIERRA EXPRESS Newspaper came out with this screaming headline : “SLPP to boycott 2012 Electoral Process…”

We will hold back on the information we received and reproduce here what the SIERRA EXPRESS published today :

SLPP to boycott 2012 Electoral Process…

SLPP to boycott 2012 Electoral Process… thumbnail

By:  SEM on February 24, 2012.

Insinuations are up about the looming threat of the main opposition plan to boycott the November polls on reasons many believe would be their usual syndrome of workout protests.

In the recent past, the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) is often ripe in workout protests and have done so in several wakenings including the reopening of the Third Parliament of the Second Republic, also in the deed order of the president under a certificate of emergency to sign the Petroleum and Mining Act. The SLPP also boycotted the police’s press conference summoned to announce the lifting of a cool-off period, following spate of running battles between opposition political factions in the country.

In the event marking the country’s 50th, anniversary, the SLPP also did not attend and recently, they boycotted the National Transformation Conference designed to chart the country’s fifty years forward inline with national development.

In all of these, it has been supposed that the opposition is being apt at taking callous decisions. Many have said the SLPP would disprove the National Electoral Council (NEC) on issues starting from the entrenched clause which resisted parallel registration by political parties and certainly are having problems with even the person of Christiana Thorpe, NEC’s chairperson, who they say is not eligible to run two national elections on consecutive terms. It is rumoured also that, the SLPP law panel are hosting plans to lodge the commission in court on serious issues ranging from usurping electoral powers to muzzle political parties in the areas of restricting parallel voter registration, which in their argument is best that would guide a NEC attempted rigging plans in the forthcoming elections.

Earlier, the opposition had taken Christiana Thorpe to the Court of Law on claims that she nullified votes in their Southeastern stronghold –a matter the Supreme Court is refusing to make a ruling on. SLPP sources, meanwhile, have supposed that if their party notices electoral mishmash they would leave no option to back out of the race in the November polls.

By Our Roving Correspondent







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One Response to “BIG PLOT EXPOSED ! SLPP sensing defeat, plans BOYCOTT and CHAOS”

  1. Abdulai Koroma February 26, 2012

    Any good meaning Sierra Leonean will always pray for Peace, Stability and development, if someone is planing to take the country to the dark days my the grace of God they will not succeed. I agree that SLPP is the main opposition party in Sierra Leone, the question is, are there no other Political Partys in Sierra Leone? lets them try to boycott the election they will know that Sierra Leone is not only for SLPP, the election will go on with or without SLPP, some people like to build up mountains for the universe to see them, I trust the mojority of the populace they are embracing development not destruction, the political upheaveal in Sierra Leone is progess no wolf will bring its down for their Political gains, move on for development its your right to support a government of progress not calamities, god will continue to uplift the administration continue with your hard work, bravo-Abdulai-aufwidersehen