Soon after registering for the Biometric Voter Registration, President Ernest Bai Koroma noted that there are concerns among the people with respect to the amount of kits deployed in the Western Area, which are very limited as there are more people in the Western Area than anywhere else in the country. He observed that people get up to register as early as 6:00 am to form queues to register but had to stay for very long periods before they can register.



President Koroma also noted that NEC should increase the number of kits for the Western Area which has only 89 kits at the moment. He called on NEC to adequately cater for the demands of the Western region which has the highest concentration of potential voters. President Koroma also maintained there is a lot of enthusiasm among the people to register, particularly following the end of the first phase of the registration process. He noted that every Sierra Leonean should be encouraged and given the opportunity to register.

On the issue of ferrying ex-combatants across the country to register, the president noted that the allegations are not just baseless and unfounded but that there is no need to ferry people when the government has done tremendously well in the areas of infrastructural development, free health care, agriculture, energy and water among others. He added that although he lives at Hill Station, he decided to register at Goderich, while maintaining that people should register wherever they wish to register once they do not duplicate the process.

The president also maintained that allegations made by the opposition must be substantiated especially when such claims have to do with national security which his government continues to work very hard to maintain. He reiterated government’s determination to get to the root of these allegations by the SLPP presidential aspirant that ex-combatants are being ferried across the country to cause mayhem. “As a government, we will not treat this lightly”, he said, and concluded that, “the due process must be followed”.

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9 Responses to “Maada Bio’s false allegations : President Koroma says government will definitely get to the root of the matter”

  1. The SLPP has arranged with some of their suporters to pretend to be an ex-combantants from Libiria,so that they can present them as evidence,to justify their fiction press release,so government be on the watch.

  2. joe mulai February 12, 2012

    A.P.C. becareful with the satanic lairs poil party.They can do anything to crave for sympathy. The other time Bio the murderer wounded himself with a surgical knife.You saw the repercusion. S.L.P.P selected Bio purposely to destabilise Sierra Leone.If not so ,why did they select a murderer among all the intellegent,hard-core politicians.President Koroma tightened the security network of this country ?.

  3. mohamed kanda sabanor koromakeh February 12, 2012

    Who is BIO? Why is being selected to be the SLPP leader? Is he worth that position, or people appointed him for a special reason or their not in their own common capacity of thinking. Is the Maada Bio that I knew as ex-soldier, member of the NPRC, later overthrown his Chairman and became the leader of the NPRC. Why this gay is being selected. sierra leone is morethen these way of civilization by choosing a killer,distabiliser, looter and a rubber. why we are not learn for a better change. Bio is now regrouping his men and loyalty so called KAMAJOR. Please, every body who love sierra leone, jion me to ring the bell to inform or notice the world especially the west for Bio bad intention for our beloving sierrza leone. The KAMAJOR are starting regrouping again in the east and south for the presidential election to creat a caious.

  4. mad man bio think sierra leone is still in the remote days where any body can talk and go free.mad man bio should know that any bush shaking he plan, he will be the firt to go trust me.It is no threat but the real fact.Cuz if he thinks he is the only one that knows how to kill he will regret it this time.

  5. Junior kamara February 12, 2012

    We dont need to waist time with maada bio, I wish the police would arrest him because if maada bio doesn’t know the damage that he has done to sierra leone, the so called SLPP needs to remind him now because if he don’t becareful with his Idiot behaviors the police will have no other alternative but to arrest him for his unpatriotic behaviors.

  6. Ola Johnson-Cole February 19, 2012

    Earnest we only hope this is not another promise you are making to the people of Sierra Leone. It has always been the same even when supporters fought in Kono you promised to get to the root of the matter. The world is watching to see your next move.

  7. The further we delay the investigation of Maada Bio’s allegations, the more the time, for Maada Bio to recruit his war buddies. Don’t take this soldier boy lightly. He is a murderer and will do it again. He needs to be behind bars while investigating his allegations.

  8. maada bio is a devil.pre.koroma must be careful.

  9. chernor April 7, 2012

    we dont need maada bio,go back to ghana,